Aside from taking and editing your photos we offer a variety of ways to showcase them.  

Cards:  Our Graduation Announcement and Thank You cards are professionally printed and put anything that Hallmark offers to shame. Cards come in a variety of sizes, paper type, finishes and are designed for a variety of purposes.  While graduation announcements are our most popular, these cards are also used for party invitations, thank you cards, holiday greetings, or a change of address to your new college dorm.  The possibilities are endless.  The most popular cards are 5x7.   Finishes are glossy or art papers in watercolor and linen, but high gloss pearl continues to be our most popular for its spectacular sheen and luxurious effect.  All cards are available flat like a postcard or folded.   All come with luxurious parchment envelopes.  I have a portfolio of original designs for you to choose from or I would be happy to custom design something for you.  Custom designs are included with the purchase of a Collection or custom design fees are available upon request.

Calling cards:  Business card size, double sided, glossy and thick, they are a classy alternative to writing your phone number on the back of someone’s hand.  Includes your name, phone number, and email address (home address can be included only with the permission of a parent) as well as the name of the school you are graduating from or the college you are going to.  You pick your color scheme and I choose two to 4 of your photos to incorporate into the design.  These can be placed in a graduation announcement or graduation thank you cards as an alternative to the old fashioned “wallet” photo.  Great fun to pass out to your friends at graduation or your new friends at college.

Bookmarks:  Attractive and practical.  Size 2x7, thick card stock, printed on a choice of glossy or art papers (water color or linen) double sided and can be ordered folded.  A sophisticated alternative to old fashioned wallet photos, these are perfect for your friends, your mom’s friends, Aunt Gertie and Grandma alike.  Get really creative and use your folded bookmarks as gift tags, backpack or gym bag tags, or to show pride in your team, school, new college or special cause that is important to you.  We are only limited by our imaginations!

DVD slideshow:   Ever want to feel like a rock star?  I'm fairly humble but I've got to say that the slideshows I make are really amazing.  All of your fully edited photos are set to appropriate music using professional production values that include professional slide transitions and slide motion.  We’ve even incorporating HD video!  DVDs can be played on a traditional DVD player or on a computer and can be downloaded to your website via any number of free online video hosting websites.   DVDs come in a leather case featuring your photos on the disc itself as well as inside the case and on the cover for a very professional look.

Gallery wrap prints:  These are my favorite pieces of wall art!  Printed directly onto canvas, photographic or metallic paper your image is then mounted on a sturdy stretcher bar frame and wrapped over the sides.  The thick wooden stretcher bar is available in 1-1/8 in and 2/1-2 in depths with dimensions from 8x10 to 30x40 and beyond.    Contemporary and classy, allowing for the elimination of a frame, these prints are ready to hang with no additional work needed, therefore showcasing the art rather than the frame. 

Prints:  I offer a full variety of photo prints in every size available from wallets to large wall art and even posters.  Photographic papers available are luster, glossy and metallic with optional textures of linen, pebble and embassy which is a combination of the two.  Prints can stand alone or be mounted on matboard, styrene board, foam board, 1/8 in masonite, ¾ in and 1-1/2 in standout with black finished edges and hanging hole on the backside.   Canvas prints can be ordered mounted or loose depending on your framing needs.   We use one of the top professional printing companies in the country – they are widely known and respected in the professional photography community for their superior quality, competitive prices, excellent customer service, quick deliveries and consistent reliability.  Fine art prints are my personal favorite.  Printed by a Master Artisan Printmaker who I work closely with, these images are so beaitufl they are hard to describe in words.  I can show you examples during a consultation.

Albums:  An Album features around 40 of your images to tell the story of who you are.  Each album is custom designed specifically for the individual.  Albums are top of the line, thick page albums as well as hardcover magazine-like coffee table books are custom designed specifically for your photos.  Coffee table books are available in a multitude of sizes including 8.5x11, 11x14, and square 10x10.  Printed on high quality heavy weight semi-gloss paper, cover options include copper pearl fabric, embossed biker jacket leather, leopard print and full size custom designed printed metal.   Want a little album?  Pocket albums are hard covered, hard paged and the size of an Ipod to fit in your purse or backpack.  Purse albums are 3.5x3.5 and hold 20 photos.   Autograph books feature your images and allow your friends to sign the pages, creating a custom keepsake yearbook.  Photos are printed on heavyweight watercolor paper and bound in hard cover with plenty of room for friends and family to write their best wishes, funny stories or feelings of love and pride.  These come in a variety of sizes from huge to mini, and a wide palate of colors.  Perfect for your graduation party or passing around at graduation or school.  

Fully Edited Images:  I create Portrait Images.   What do we mean by this?  I refer to your images as "images" and not photographs because that is what they are: images.  A photograph is a printed image and I don’t ever consider that the images I create should be limited to being printed on paper only.  You will never see any of the images I take as they come directly out of camera.  Why?  I shoot in RAW format which is very different from the .jpg output that pocket digital cameras give you.   Without getting into a long boring tutorial:  RAW is a digital negative that holds ALL of the information that the camera captured.  Jpg files are “interpreted” and compressed by your camera.  In other words your camera decides what shade, hue and saturation the colors are and how light or dark and sharp the image will be.  Shooting in RAW allows me to make all those decisions myself and while I’m certainly not smarter than a computer I am infinitely more creative.  RAW files come out of the camera looking flat and dull but with the proper digital darkroom editing they pop to life, and with creative editing they become a work of art rather than a “snapshot.”  I also edit out blemishes, unwanted stray hairs and anything else that distracts from the image all while making sure everyone still looks like who they essentially are, not an overly airbrushed mannequin.  I consider myself an artist first, then a photographer.   By using the skills of really good photography together with imaginative and innovative digital processing skills I am able to create the images you see.

A comprehensive detailed price list is available during a consultation.

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