When should I have my senior photos taken?   
The day after you finish your Junior year you become a Senior.  The first few months of Summer before of your Senior year is ideal.  Once school starts the clock is ticking!  Most yearbook deadlines are by December.  Technically we can take your senior photos up to a few weeks before graduation but I limit the number of seniors I take every year so I always have to turn people away.  Getting a spot on my waiting list is no guarantee that you will get an appointment, so Please PLAN AHEAD!

How do you pick the style or location where you shoot? 
I choose my locations and “look” based on the personality and wants of the person I am shooting.  Of course you can request a location.   Let’s chat and see what would suite you best.  Ultimately it’s all about YOU so tell me all about you and let’s see where that takes us.  My locations are in Orange County, California.  Travel fees apply for locations outside Orange County. 

What is your phone number?
714-337-8783  - that being said, its almost impossible to reach me by phone since I wont take calls when I am on a photo shoot or with my Seniors and their parents.  So please email me at cw@AltSenior.com or text me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Thanks for understanding - you will appreciate it when we are together and I am not distracted by my phone :)

I am not a Senior but I need Head Shots, do you do that? My Senior sessions include Head Shots and we do have a Head Shot program for non-seniors. Let us know what your needs are so we can make the most of your session.

My High School says I HAVE to use a certain photographer for my senior photos.  Do I really HAVE to?
For your yearbook photo, yes, most likely.  HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that you HAVE to PURCHASE those. If they don't reflect the person you really are then don't buy them.  The photos I take are of YOU, who are you, not who THEY want you to be.  We can use your photos in your yearbook ad, your graduation announcements, beautiful artwork for your walls, and a multitude of other uses.

My parents are freaking out about the economy, how much is this going to set them back?
I'm a parent and I'm freaking out too, but don't worry, it's all going to be ok!  You are only a Senior once and this is an incredibly important time in your life.  Book your session early and as us about our Specials.

I decided I want you to take my senior photos - now what do I do?
Cool - send me an email (cw@AltSenior.com) or leave a message or txt (714.337.8783) so we can set up an appointment for your consultation.  Generally I do my consultations in the evenings at my studio but I'm very flexible with my schedule for busy students and parents.  Of course I dont charge for a consultation. Payment for a Photo Session is due at time of booking the photo shoot.

Can I bring someone with me on the shoot? 
Yes, Please!  Bring your mom and/or dad, and if you do not have parents then bring a mom-equivalent,  or someone helpful who is important to you.  If you are under 18 I absolutely insist you bring an adult.  But please don’t bring your entire entourage – they will be too distracting, you won’t feel comfortable. 

Do you really shoot for that many hours?  That sounds like a really long time. 
My photo shoots go by very quickly.  Life is too long to be bored so I only shoot until I “get the shot,” until we aren’t having fun anymore, or most commonly, you are so happily tired that despite your denials, I can see it in your eyes. I don’t put any limits on the number of photos I take during a session.   I tend to shoot quickly and like lots of movement – no long posing sessions. 

What should I bring with me? 
Lots of self-confidence.  And not just the cheap variety, but the real thing, the genuine article!  Look at the photos on this website – these are all real seniors, not professional models, but people just like you.  Before we do your photo shoot we will meet for a consultation and I will give you all the information you need for your shoot - including a comprehensive "what to wear" info. 

I’ve seen photos in magazines and on Pintrest that I like – can we try something like that?  Absolutely!  Show me what you like.  Visual inspiration helps a lot – I love seeing what you want to see.

What do I need to do to get ready for my photos?
At your consultation I will give you "what to wear" information that will give you all you need to know.

Who are you? 
I'm an artist, specializing in high school Seniors, whose medium is photography.  I'm very passionate about capturing the essence of each and every 17 year old I get the honor of working with. My work is International Award Winning and has been published in magazines.   I feel very fortunate that I get to do what I am so passionate about. 

Parent’s FAQ –
My daughter is a tomboy but I want at least one photo of her looking like the pretty girl she is.  She is fighting me on this, can you do it?   I understand.   Let me talk to her and see where she draws the line.  I think we all have dual personalities, maybe not black and white but certainly wonderful shades of grey. Using my makeup artist is really helpful in these cases.  If we let your daughter get photos the way she wants, then I’m sure that she will compromise and do “some for Mom.”  And maybe, just maybe, she’ll enjoy it.  That being said, I will never make someone be something that they are not.

Can I come with my child on the photo shoot? 
Of course!  My favorite photo shoot experiences have always included mom and/or dad.  I do have some rules I will go over with you - they involve making the most of the photo shoot experience.   I ask is that you give your child permission to be themselves.  But you can be right there to experience it all.

What do offer aside from just taking photos?
Aside from an endless variety of print sizes and textures, the other thing I love to do is custom design cards, invitations, calling cards, thank you cards, graduation announcements, bookmarks, coffee table books and albums big and small, canvas wrap prints, custom jewelry and all sorts of cool and unique stuff.  You can see the items I have on display when you come for your consultation.

My kid likes your work but I’m really not crazy about your style, can you do something more traditional?
No.  Google: “Sears Photo Studio” and I wish you all the best.

But I have a coupon for a photo studio that would cost me less. 
I understand. I’m a practical person.  However, I don’t take snapshots.  I capture a person's story.  I create art.  Unique custom art.  And unique custom art is priceless. Personalized customer service along with the finest quality, hand crafted art work is well worth the investment.  If you are having a hard time justifying spending on photographic art then look at it this way:
Your Luxury SUV - $60,000
Monthly Gas bill for your Luxury SUV - $1500
Monthly Cellphone Bill - $100
Coach purse - $600
Getting your hair and nails done - $300
Dinner and a movie for a family of 5 - $300
Those fabulous new peektoe pumps - $250
Photos of your child; tangible memories that can be passed on for generations to come - Priceless.

What will you have to hold on to when your baby goes away to college?
What will you leave behind for your children's children? 
If your home were burning down, what object would you grab? Your photos?
Your baby didn't stay an 17 month old for very long and wont stay an 17 year old for long either - let's capture them right now, at this pivotal point in their lives. 

It's important.

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